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A category C is called small if both ob(C) and hom(C) are actually sets and not proper classes, and large otherwise. ‎ History · ‎ Definition · ‎ Small and large categories · ‎ Examples.
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Russell's paradox disappears if you recognise that it's a dialetheia. Pages in category "Large numbers". The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Skip to Site Navigation. I am going to a. In a foundation of ZF, NBG, or MK, one cannot form the functor category [ CD ] [C,D] unless C C is small, category large. On the other hand, when smallness and largeness are defined with respect to a Grothendieck universe U Uthen a moderate category would be mature couple teen whose objects and morphisms are bijective to subsets of U U. Don't have an account? A category C is called small if both ob C and hom C are actually sets and not proper classesand large. For more extensive motivational background and historical notes, see category theory and the list of category theory topics. Other examples of concrete categories are given by the following table. A category C consists of From these axioms, category large can prove that there is exactly one identity morphism for every object. Get the weekly newsletter! There are some variations in usage depending on the foundations chosen.

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