Video polar bear swallows

video polar bear swallows

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Rare footage captures moment a male polar bear hunts and eats a cub In the video, mother and cub try to outrun the male, but cub is caught...

Video polar bear swallows -- going fast

Polar bears are thought to eat cubs in the late summer and autumn, National Geographic explains, when seals move out to sea. There was an error. Sir David Attenborough stops rainforest home of elephants and orangutans being destroyed.

video polar bear swallows

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Video polar bear swallows - - traveling fast

WHY POLAR BEARS EAT THEIR OWN. His long canines rip off chunks of bloody flesh, which he swallows with practised ease. The video reveals a heartbreaking truth which is rarely seen by human eyes — cannibalism events like this one are not all that uncommon, and could become more regular as climate change drives food scarcity in the Arctic. This video has not been commented yet.